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image of Medscape Wins 2013 Best Medical Mobile Application Mobile WebAward for Medscape App for iPhone

To: Medscape

For: Medscape App for iPhone

Award: Best Medical Mobile Application

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About the Entry

The Medscape App for iPhone® is the fastest, most comprehensive, FREE medical app available for healthcare professionals to help stay current in practice and improve patient care. Over 3.5 million healthcare professionals use our app to access medical information.

Features that healthcare professionals have come to depend on include vital decision-making support tools, medical news and perspectives from thought leaders across medicine, and engaging continuing medical education courses for professional development and licensure requirements. Point-of-care decision-making support tools include an extensive database of medical information covering 8,000 drugs, 4,400 diseases and conditions, 30,000 clinical images and procedure videos, a drug interaction checker, medical calculators, drug formulary information, and more. Our clinical reference databases can be accessed without an Internet connection supporting healthcare professionals anytime, anywhere.

A recent version of the Medscape App for iPhone exemplifies how we continue to innovate and lead the industry in serving the needs of healthcare providers. Our clinical content updates now happen automatically in the background allowing healthcare professionals to access clinical content at the point-of-care without having to wait or be prompted for updates. We developed this feature based on direct feedback we heard from our members and listened to reviews across all medical apps in iTunes and Google Play from healthcare professionals that are kept waiting for clinical updates before they can use their clinical reference app. They asked. We answered first.

In addition, the Medscape App has a best-in-class design, with engaging and intuitive screens that make accessing critical medical information for patient care quick and easy. There are no other medical apps in the market that provide this robust set of features at no cost to the user allowing easier accessibility to help support clinical decision-making.


Award Credits


Ben Greenberg, Sr. Director Product Management & User Experience:

Matt Smith, Product Manager:

Brandon McHargue, Mobile Developer:

Jarman Rogers, Mobile Developer:

Ruha Prasanna Sudhakar, Quality Assurance:

Tom Cox, Quality Assurance: