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image of AstraZeneca and Patients & Purpose Wins 2018 Best Pharmaceuticals Mobile Website Mobile WebAward for TAGRISSO Mobile Website – New Indication Re-Vamp

To: AstraZeneca and Patients & Purpose

For: TAGRISSO Mobile Website – New Indication Re-Vamp

Award: Best Pharmaceuticals Mobile Website

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About the Entry

Being diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer is devastating. It often leaves people feeling lost and overwhelmed. With so much to process, it can be hard to see a way forward. This understanding of the lung cancer experience is what inspired and then drove the redesign of TAGRISSO.com when it was recently approved as a first line treatment for EGFR+ metastatic lung cancer. It influenced every aspect of the site, from the campaign message and brand voice to the design details. The fact is, people are visiting this site at an extremely difficult moment in their lives so it needed to be relatable. The campaign on the homepage features a maze metaphor that acknowledges the challenges of being diagnosed with lung cancer but shows people that TAGRISSO is there to support them and offer a clear path forward. Education also played a critical role—because once people learn there are treatments designed for their type of cancer, they are more empowered to speak with their doctors and make sure they start on the best treatment possible. To that end, we made the content simple, direct, and human. It informs, but does not overwhelm. People get the information they need most—about the benefits of targeted therapy, the importance of testing for the EGFR biomarker, and the remarkable results they could find with TAGRISSO. TAGRISSO.com was rebuilt to give people treatment information, to be inspired and become a passionate advocate for their own care or that of a loved one.


Award Credits


Lung Cancer Franchise Marketing Director - AstraZeneca :

Evan Hicks

Associate Director of Consumer Marketing, Lung Cancer Franchise - AstraZeneca:

Lise Hall

Senior Manager, Consumer and HCP Marketing - AstraZeneca:

Kay Bayne

President - Patients & Purpose:

Eliot Tyler

VP, Account Director - Patients & Purpose :

Joanna Hass

VP, Group Account Supervisor - Patients & Purpose:

Maria Colicchio

Executive Vice President, Creative Director - Patients & Purpose :

Michele Monteforte

Senior Vice President, Creative Director - Patients & Purpose:

Matthew Sherwood