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image of MS Department of Transportation  Wins 2018 Outstanding Mobile Application Mobile WebAward for MDOT Traffic Mobile App

To: MS Department of Transportation

For: MDOT Traffic Mobile App

Award: Outstanding Mobile Application

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About the Entry

Features of the applications, available in the Apple app store and Google Play for free download, include:

Push Notifications: Users have the option to receive push notifications upon downloading the application. This feature allows MDOT to send messages to users of the MDOTTraffic application. Within the admin section, MDOT can create customized pushes to users that can be sent statewide or to specific counties within the State of Mississippi.
Geolocation Triggered Notifications: When a pin that warrants a push notification be sent to the user within a specific geographic area of the “alert,” users will see a typical push notification. The “defined geographic area” or the radius, sizes of the radii can be assigned to the various alerts that the agency issues. MDOT has the ability to create a radius up to any distance, or create a push notification statewide. This will allow users that are traveling into severe weather or serious traffic issues to be notified immediately when we they hit the outside radii. Once the user hits the outside radii, their device will be immediately notified.

• Mobile Experience: The streamlined mobile experience is designed to provide features and usability in a mobile environment. The applications’ video streaming protocol adjusts based on the user’s data connection to preserve bandwidth, cellular data and battery life. The simple menu buttons allow the user to navigate through the applications with only a few touches to select information.

• GPS: The application contains location-based mapping features, showing nearby cameras and alerts on an interactive map. Touching the GPS icon zooms down to show the user’s exact location and displays alerts and cameras. Users who have not previously configured a route at MDOTTraffic.com are still able to see alerts and cameras based on their location. This feature is especially useful to quickly determine if there is a traffic accident or alert close to the user’s proximity.

• Streaming Video: Dynamic adaptive video streaming from a vast network of over 400 statewide cameras enables users to view real-time traffic at major intersections, highways, and roads across the State.