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image of Forbes Media Wins 2016 Best Media Mobile Website Mobile WebAward for Forbes America’s Self-Made Women New Mobile List

To: Forbes Media

For: Forbes America’s Self-Made Women New Mobile List

Award: Best Media Mobile Website

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About the Entry

Forbes lists are considered by many to be the definitive rankings of the wealthiest people, most successful companies and best colleges and places around the world -- and some of the most highly-anticipated content we publish. With 77% of the audience visiting Forbes on mobile, we challenged ourselves to define an interactive, mobile-only experience for Forbes lists that encourages this smartphone-wielding faction of readers to explore the content, by deconstructing the presentation of list data and creating what we’ve dubbed a Mobile Infographic experience.

The 2016 edition of the Forbes America’s Self-Made Women (ASMW) list ranks 60 of the most successful women according to their net worths. The entry point for the ASMW Mobile Infographic serves as a visual snapshot that contrasts two defining metrics related to value and performance and instantly tells the story behind the list: a comparison of net worth and value created. This view can also be filtered to display subsets of the women on the list by category: Founders, C-Suite or Entertainers. Once the user has decided to explore one of these women’s profiles, they’re taken to a stack of cards that can be navigated via swipe gestures, and that allows a dive into the data behind each person on the list. Vertical swiping through the cards takes you deeper into the data for any person whose profile you’ve chosen to explore; swiping left and right allows you to easily browse the list. The Mobile Infographic delivers an interactive visual experience constructed around bite-size information -- a choose-your-own-adventure design -- that we determined is exponentially more engaging than the equivalent mobile list format.

The results: Six times the engagement and session lengths that doubled for users who interacted with the Mobile Infographic vs. those who interacted with the mobile list.


Award Credits


Chief Product Officer:

Lewis D'Vorkin

Head of Mobile Products:

Salah Zalatimo

Product Owner :

Ebony Shears

Senior Front-End Developer:

Johnny McCampbell

Senior Front-End Developer, Mobile Focused:

Joe Pietruch

UX Designer :

Irwin Hou

Art Director :

Nina Gould