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image of Diya Obeid, CEO, President of JobDiva Inc. Wins 2013 Not announced yet Mobile WebAward for The JobDiva App: Mobile Access to the Ultimate Staffing

To: Diya Obeid, CEO, President of JobDiva Inc.

For: The JobDiva App: Mobile Access to the Ultimate Staffing

Award: Not announced yet

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About the Entry

JobDiva, provider of the ultimate front-to-back-office solution for staffing organizations, launched JobDiva Mobile to promote its capabilities to serve the increasingly mobile needs of recruiters.

Objective #1: Generate Renewals Among Existing Clients. JobDiva’s outreach campaign promoted “JobDiva Mobile,” available at no additional cost. Current JobDiva users with iPhone® and Android™ devices download the free app by searching for “JobDiva” in the Apple®/ Google™ app stores. JobDiva provides free unlimited training.

Objective #2: Target Prospects. JobDiva’s integrated marketing campaign featured advertising, direct marketing, press releases, free demonstrations, and more. JobDiva exhibited at Staffing World 2013, debuting JobDiva Mobile’s game-changing “Push Alerts,” generating buzz for ability to instantly alert users to changes in lifecycle of Job Requisitions. Campaign demonstrated that even when not in the office, recruiters are always acting on the latest information, can instantly respond to new opportunities, and avoid wasting time working closed assignments. (Media impressions available upon request.)

Objective #3: Promote Competitive Advantages:

Enable Clients to Convey Strengths: In staffing, speed is everything. JobDiva Mobile enables our clients to promote the fact they are always connected and demonstrate they can offer a higher level of customer service not available with competitors.

Promote JobDiva’s Patented Capabilities: JobDiva Mobile provides a tangible, mobile platform to physically demonstrate JobDiva’s industry leading capabilities. From automated resume harvesting to VMS synchronization, JobDiva offers combined features you won’t find anywhere else. And, JobDiva is the only system where you can “Search Skills By Years of Experience.”