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image of Wins 2013 Outstanding Mobile Website Mobile WebAward for Mobile Strategy Campaign


For: Mobile Strategy Campaign

Award: Outstanding Mobile Website

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About the Entry

This entry is for the Mobile Strategy Campaign whifdach transitioned both and to Responsive Design based mobile-compatible websites. A link to can be found on the homepage. has the mission to increase public access to government benefit program information. connects disaster survivors with Federal Forms of Assistance. The decision to develop a Mobile Strategy for these sites stemmed from a combination of the 2012 Digital Government Strategy and the evolving needs of citizens, evidenced by our Google Analytics metrics. By October 2012, mobile users represented more than 20% of all traffic and during Hurricane Sandy mobile traffic accounted for 25% of visitors, in part due to citizens relying on mobile devices during evacuations or power outages. To this end, on July 1, 2013 our Responsive Design sites were launched, featuring English and Spanish content that is easily accessible regardless of the user’s platform or operating system. Since implementing Responsive Design, mobile use has drastically increased: on mobile visits have increased by almost 60% and on mobile visits have increased by 55%, compared to the same time period in 2012. To customize users’ experiences, both sites offer personalized eligibility prescreening services in the form of questionnaires ( has the “Benefit Finder” while has the “Find Assistance Questionnaire”). Additionally, offers email subscription services for specific program updates and a quarterly eNewsletter published on the site while offers users the ability to directly apply for assistance online.


Award Credits


Program Manager,

Al Sloane

Program Manager,

Karole Johns