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image of hfa / Akro-Mils Wins 2012 Best B2B Mobile Website Mobile WebAward for Akro-Mils Mobile Website

To: hfa / Akro-Mils

For: Akro-Mils Mobile Website

Award: Best B2B Mobile Website

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About the Entry

Businesses of all kinds need specialized storage, organization and transport products to increase efficiencies and reduce costs — and they need the process of finding these products to be efficient, too. Akro-Mils®, an industry leader in materials handling solutions, hired Hitchcock Fleming & Associates to create a mobile website that would make choosing and obtaining the right solution fast and easy anytime, anywhere. The new mobile site needed to be convenient for end-users as well as distributors and catalogers serving a variety of industries. Designed and programmed with simplicity in mind, the navigation offers four user-friendly options: a product index organized by industry and type of item, a product selection tool that sorts based on user-selected criteria, a distributor locator and complete contact information. Now, no matter who visits the site, what they need is just a single click away.


Award Credits


Senior Project Manager:

Carrie Hall

Project Manager:

Jamie Smart

Senior Art Director/Interactive:

Rene McCann

Computer Graphics Specialist:

Jonah Gregg

Interactive Soulutions Architect:

Jim Kiel

Web Developer:

Bill Drol

Associate Creative Director:

Greg Pffifner